Spiritual Principle #6 The Antidote to Immobility

It’s frustrating to feel stuck and sometimes it’s part of the human condition. If you leave it too long, immobility can turn into depression.

There are reasons people stay stuck.  In fact, people reap “payoffs” and “benefits” for keeping the “status quo”. Maybe they don’t have to experience failure. For some that’s a great benefit.  Perhaps they don’t know “what” to do and their payoff is not being exposed. Usually when the “cost’ becomes too painful, people will give up their limiting “payoffs” and “benefits”. They then become willing to do things differently.

Last week we learned that cultivating faith is the first step to realising your dreams and goals. A great spiritual truth is “faith without works is dead”.

If you want to super charge your faith and move towards your dreams and goals, then watch this short video to lean about the spiritual principle that prevents depression and will make you feel fantastic!



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