Spiritual Principle #3 The Antidote to forcing and fighting

Have you ever fallen in love with a possibility? Think beyond a lover to your job, a new friend or even your child.

Is there someone who you are hoping will change? Well, if you’re human you probably answered yes!

What if another’s behaviour is unacceptable? Is it possible to accept the unacceptable?

Maybe you’re just tired of pushing, forcing or fighting with another or even with yourself?

Practicing this next spiritual principle can eliminate all of the above but just like anything worthwhile you’ll need to participate and practice this principle. The energy you’ll save from trying to persuade or manipulate another to change will make this a walk in the park.

Warning: Spiritual Principle #3 can cause confusion. And sometimes people use their confusion about this principle to not practice it. Why? Because confusion doesn’t change anything and then one wouldn’t have to make a decision for a significant change.

If you’d like to be free from the time consuming addiction of getting another to change, then watch this short video to discover the spiritual principle that will clear up confusion and help you make decisions that give you peace of mind.



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