Spiritual Principle #4 – The Antidote to being a victim

In my late twenties I attended a 3-day personal development training when it was suggested to me that I was a victim! I was a bit taken back being a single mother who prided herself on being fierce and very independent.  Although at times I felt helpless in financial matters, I couldn’t identify any victim behaviour. 

As the training progressed, I soon discovered that victimisation goes beyond behaviour. Our thoughts and feelings can be stifle us, creating what I call the ‘V-Virus’. Victimisation is like a virus, starting in one part of our life and then spreading to others. It’s infectious!

You don’t have to be fierce to be powerful. In fact, people in 12 step programs know that admitting you are powerless over a condition or certain behaviour is a way to tap in to your authentic power. It opens the door to much better outcomes because through your powerlessness you learn to get out of your own way.

If you are ready to give up feeling helpless or playing the victim (even a little), then watch this short video to discover the spiritual principle that will give you freedom from these conditions.



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