6 Movies Filmed in San Diego

Residing just 100 miles south of Hollywood, San Diego is actually home to some famous movies. Our beautiful beaches and unique locations have made their way onto film screens. The following movies had filming locations in San Diego. Go rewatch them to see if you can recognize these familiar San Diego locations.

Bring It On (2000)


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This classic 2000s movie starring Kirstin Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Gabrielle Union is a favorite among 90s babies and features several different San Diego locations. Bring it On follows a group of high school cheerleaders through different competitive cheerleading competitions which features several different San Diego locations. For example, the school in the movie, Rancho Carne High School was actually San Diego State University. You can see Hepner Hall in the scenes.

The movie also features local spots such as Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn, The Marlin Club, and the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. The closing scene of the movie that features the final cheer competition on “Miami Beach” was actually filmed at Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater in Oceanside.

Top Gun (1986)

Although most San Diegans know that Top Gun took place in San Diego, not all of them know where to find the filming locations. You can visit Kansas City Barbeque in the Marina District of San Diego to hang out in the same bar as Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Tim Robbins or head to the intersection of Union Street and West Laurel in Bankers Hill to see where Maverick drove around.

Top Gun also filmed scenes at the Wave House Athletic Club in Mission Beach in the locker room in addition to the Point Loma Lighthouse to see Viper’s house. Top Gun also filmed at Miramar Naval Air Station and the Naval Training Center.

Almost Famous (2000)



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This Oscar-winning film starring Kate Hudson, Patrick Fugit and Billy Crudup is about a high schooler writing an article about an up and coming rock band who he follows on tour. The movie filmed in Ocean Beach to capture the 1970s beach town vibes seamlessly. You can see Newport Avenue in the opening scenes in addition to San Diego Sports Arena where the main character greets the band for the first time.

Anchorman (2004)



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Another one of San Diego’s most famous movies, Anchorman stars Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Christina Applegate and Vince Vaughn in this hilarious tale about a male-dominated news crew. Although the film took place in San Diego, the only scene that was actually filmed here was a scene where Ron Burgundy walks through Balboa Park.

Some Like it Hot (1958)


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This classic movie starring Marilyn Monroe is one of San Diego’s most known movies. The romantic comedy filmed scenes at Hotel Del Coronado as well as Coronado Municipal Beach. It’s hard to believe we can walk in the same place Marilyn Monroe once stood just 60 years ago.

Freaky Friday (1976)


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Don’t confuse this classic with the Linsey Lohan remake. The original Freaky Friday stars Jodie Foster and filmed one scene in San Diego, a water skiing competition. The water skiing competition takes place at Mission Bay! Next time you spend the day at Mission Bay, remember Jodie Foster once water skied here.

Make San Diego Your Home

It’s unlikely Hollywood is done using our beautiful city to shoot movies. Recently Top Gun 2 filmed here. If you want to enjoy the famous movie scenes without the craziness of Hollywood, consider making San Diego your permanent home by buying a house. Contact me to get started with the buying or selling process of your home!

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