Coastal San Diego

San Diego's Best Coastal Neighborhoods

Living on San Diego's Beautiful Coast

There's nothing quite like living in one of San Diego's beautiful coastal neighborhoods. Fortunately, there's a coastal neighborhood that suits every personality and household. Living in close proximity of the coast offers cooler temperates during the summer, warmer temperatures during the winter, and the best views around. Discover the different coastal San Diego neighborhoods to choose from.


You might recognize Coronado for the Hotel Del Coronado's feature in Marilyn Monroe's movie, Some Like it Hot (1959), but San Diegans recognize Coronado for its classic houses, high rated schools, and beautiful beaches. Living in Coronado is like living in your favorite vacation destination. With so many different restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks to choose from, you might find it hard to leave the island. While Coronado has some of the highest house prices in San Diego, residents pay for a one-of-a-kind neighborhood experience.

imperial beach

Imperial Beach

As one of San Diego's up and coming neighborhoods, Imperial Beach is the perfect option for San Diego homebuyers who want to live on the Coast without paying the high price. Investing in a home in Imperial Beach before real estate prices take off is a smart way to invest in your future while also enjoying coastal living in San Diego. Imperial Beach has an urban feel with plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy. Come for the urban beach vibes or stay and invest in your future! The options are endless in Imperial Beach.

Point Loma

Home to some of San Diego's history, Point Loma is located on San Diego's hilly peninsula between the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. With high ranking schools, gorgeous classic homes, beaches, plenty of shopping, restaurants, and things to do, Point Loma is an ideal place to live as long as you can stand the sound of airplanes taking off. With so much to see, do and eat, you won't ever feel the need to leave your beloved neighborhood.

point loma lighthouse
La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla is where coastal living meets luxury suburban living. Enjoy gorgeous views of rolling green hills with some of the best beaches in San Diego. La Jolla is a peaceful place to live in San Diego, offering some of the highest rated schools, restaurants, and beaches in San Diego County. Discover a diverse range of coffee shops, parks, bars and things to do in La Jolla.

Mission Beach

Whether you want to invest in a rental property or enjoy life by the beach, Mission Beach is a fun and exciting place to live. Living close to Mission Beach, the boardwalk, Mission Bay, Sea World, parks and lots of restaurants allows you to enjoy spending time in your neighborhood. If you love going to the beach or partaking in water sports, there's no better place to live than Mission Beach.

Mission Beach
Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is an urban feeling beach neighborhood in San Diego. It's home to lots of young professional adults, making it the perfect spot for a rental investment or first home. This relaxed neighborhood offers lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, and parks to enjoy year round. Surfers and outdoor enthusiasts thrive in Pacific Beach and all that it has to offer.

Ocean Beach

Time travel over to Ocean Beach for a 70s SoCal vibe beach neighborhood. If you're looking for that classic beach vibe with housing to complement it, Ocean Beach is for you. Surfers, sunbathers and dog owners will find pleasure in making Ocean Beach their home. Explore all of the restaurants, coffee shops, antique shops, pubs, and boutiques it has to offer. If you love the vibe, there are plenty of homes to choose from.

Ocean Beach

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