Welcome to Cruisin' 'Round Imperial Beach

The global pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. Everyone has a story and unfortunately most are either sad or frustrating!

As a REALTOR, I get to speak with several people in the community and from my conversations I’ve discovered that most people are looking for hope and inspiration in any amount, wherever they can find it! As a former psychotherapist and executive coach, I completely understand the important role “hope” plays in one’s well-being and motivation.

I have especially been inspired by the Coronado and Imperial Beach businesses I’ve engaged with during this pandemic. It’s been quite something to witness the human spirit in action, going the extra mile and thinking outside the box, along with the mayors and city councils support.

So, I decided to start a weekly broadcast, interviewing Coronado and Imperial Beach business owners asking two main questions:

  1. What have you done to go above and beyond to serve your customers; keep your businesses open and employ as many of your staff as possible?
  2. What is the “silver lining” you’ve discovered for your business in the dark cloud of this pandemic?

I’ll bet you will be as amazed and inspired as I am with some of our locals’ answers. They are interesting, inspiring, funny, heartfelt and hopeful.

Make sure to follow me to catch this weekly broadcast.

Episode 1: Mike Hess Brewery

Episode 2: Katy's Cafe

Mike Hess Brewery - World Class Venue – Raises Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

“Bringing people together over Great Beer around Great Causes”

Watch this amazing interview with Mike Hess and hear his inspiring story of how a personal tragedy gave his business the above refined purpose!

Right in the heart of Imperial Beach we have a new world class venue, Mike Hess Brewery, featuring scrumptious City Tacos. The project, which began over three years ago has had quite a journey with many twists and turns. Two years before Covid19 hit, Mike’s family had their own health journey when their 12 year old middle daughter was diagnosed with cancer. After two years and in remission, the silver lining for Mike was to create a new beer called “Rising Hope” contributing 19% (think Covid19) of proceeds to pediatric cancer research. They raised of $40,000!

Rising Hope Beer has now been bottled and sold to Costco with 100% of the proceeds going to pediatric cancer research.

Let’s get the work out. I love Crusin Round I. B.

Katy's Cafe in Imperial Beach was bought and taken over by P.J. in the middle of the pandemic! P.J. received an overwhelming amount of support from the I.B. community and has helped this long-time local favorite spot stay in business.

Episode 3: Siam Imperial Thai Kitchen

We're cruisin' over to I.B. to my favorite Thai restaurant! I chat with Kate who tells me all about the outstanding support from locals in the area. Tip: If you call in an order for pickup, they will give you a 10% discount on your entree! Whether you live in I.B. or you visit the area regularly, definitely check out Siam Imperial Thai Kitchen!

Episode 4: Salt Drift Pointe

On this week's episode of Cruisin' 'Round Imperial Beach, I visit an amazing business a lot of you might not know about - Salt Drift Pointe! Salt Drift Pointe is a charming event space. Since the pandemic, they've pivoted their strategy to save themselves and help other local businesses out. Learn more about what they did in this video.

Episode 5: El Tapatio

Today we're cruisin' to El Tapatio in Imperial Beach! El Tapatio is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and their tacos are to die for! Carolina's family has owned the restaurant since 1979 and after the pandemic started, they pivoted their business plan to continue thriving. One of the changes they made was using their catering business to feed seniors! Learn more about the silver lining they've found during the pandemic in this video. Next time you're craving Mexican food, make sure to make a stop at El Tapatio!

Episode 6: Capano Fine Art Restoration & Conservation

On today's episode, I sit down with Lisa Capano who is an art conservationist. She studied and worked in Italy for 15 years then brought her business to Boulder, CO until recently when she moved to Imperial Beach! Learn more about her fascinating field of work and see a few demonstrations of how she restores fine art that's been damaged. If you have an old painting laying around your house that you would like to restore to its former beauty, Lisa can help! Check out her website http://www.capanorestoration.com/ to learn more.

Episode 7: SunCoast Market Co-op

This week's episode features an exciting new business coming to Imperial Beach! SunCoast Co-op Market is a community-owned grocery store that will feature produce and products from local farmers and vendors. Not only will you have access to local healthy food, but you can be a partial owner! Watch my video to learn more and then visit https://suncoastmarket.coop/ to sign up to become an owner.