Investing in Real Estate in San Diego

Real Estate Investing

Buying a home isn’t just a good idea for having stability in your life, but also for investing in your future. A smart way to make a residual income is simply by investing in real estate in San Diego and then renting it out. I have my own personal experience buying condos and homes in San Diego, fixing them up and then renting them out to make an income. Want to make residual income yourself? Learn a bit more about investing in real estate in San Diego below.

Browse Up and Coming Neighborhoods

One of the best ways to invest in real estate is to break into housing markets that aren’t quite hot yet. As a real estate professional, I notice which neighborhoods are good ones to break into while they are still cheap. For example, Imperial Beach is an up and coming real estate market in San Diego. With lots of new restaurant and shopping developments, this oceanfront city is already going up in value. Let me help you find the perfect neighborhood to invest in.

Buy Fixer-Uppers or Homes in Auctions

If investing in real estate is a goal of yours, if you have the money to buy a home all at once, I highly recommend purchasing a home in an auction. You will find fixer-uppers in good neighborhoods for a good price. If you don’t have the money to pay for a home all at once, it’s a good idea to purchase the fixer uppers that could use a little bit of work to look amazing. These will cost you less and pay off after you invest in remodeling and a little bit of love.

Hire a Contractor and/or Interior Designers

If you’ve just bought a fixer-upper, you will need to hire a contractor to handle the construction aspect of your remodel. I can recommend a handful of contractors, handymen, interior designers and other services you might need to complete your project.

Rent Out Your Investments

One your remodeling is complete, it’s time to rent out your property. Determining the right amount to charge for rent is a crucial factor for making a profit off of your investment. I’m happy to help you determine a good rent price.

Sell Your Investments

Keep an eye on the real estate market and sell your investment property when the market is hot. This is the easiest way to make the largest profit off of your real estate investment.

Contact Shirley Smith to Find Your Next Investment Property

If you’re interested in dipping into the real estate investment field, don’t hesitate to contact me for my personal insight. I would be happy to help you find the perfect real estate investment property in San Diego.

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